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Welcome to MPW and our Ready to Go website. Our Colleges, and KSS student accommodation, will be open to provide a safe environment for in-person teaching in September.

On this website, you’ll find lots of useful information about joining us for the 2020 Autumn term. We’ll be updating these pages on a regular basis, so please check back with us.

Below, you will find information about the group-wide steps we are taking in preparation for the autumn term; specific college information and FAQs can be found on our location pages, accessible via the site menu or linked below.

Our commitment to your safety


Flexible study options

Online access to classes and our full range of support services for students wishing to start in September, but who have travel restrictions or don’t feel ready to travel to our Colleges for the start of term.

Face coverings for all

Two washable masks provided to every student and staff member, with single use disposable masks for all visitors. We may make the wearing of face coverings mandatory depending on the situation in the UK.

Regular temperature testing

For all students and staff, with a minimum of two tests per week will be recorded for each student.

Sanitiser stations

Numerous hand sanitiser stations have been placed throughout our Colleges to ensure easy access. Regular use of sanitiser by students, staff and visitors will be encouraged.

Deep cleaning

A new, extended, regime is in place for regular surface cleaning, with additional cleaning throughout the day, and thorough sanitisation undertaken overnight.

Maximising social distancing

Clearly signed one-way systems, staggered breaks and mealtimes where possible, and reorganised classrooms, all designed to maximise social distancing.

Keeping safe at KSS


On-site CV-19 testing for KSS residents  

Free on-site testing for Covid-19 on arrival, with students isolating in their rooms until test results are receivedwhich we expect within 24 hours.

Join us from the start of September  

International students should aim to arrive at KSS halls of residence on or around 2nd September, so test results can be received prior to induction on 4th September.  A limited pre-induction programme will be offered to students arriving before 2nd September.

Support for quarantine students  

KSS will support students under quarantine restrictions at any time during the Autumn term, with the same arrangements around CV-19 testing being in place, prior to joining in-person classes.

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